Student Information System is Underway

Admas University is developing Student Information System using its internal programmers. The information system will automate and simplify communications among registrar office, students and instructors. Students and Instructors will have their own user accounts to access the system. By logging in to their accounts, students will get notifications from their instructors or registrar office, easily find course schedules and see their grades. The system was presented to the Senate of the University for Comments. It will be released soon following modifications forwarded by Senate members. Once released, the system will be accessible from anywhere as long as there is Internet access.


KOHA is Coming

In its effort to strengthen the institution through the use of modern technology, Admas University is deploying Koha library system in all of its campuses. Koha is an open source integrated library management system that is used to manage cataloguing functions. Some of the features of Koha include but not limited to: union catalogue facility, customizable search, circulation and borrower management, reporting etc.


Admas University Enhances its Links


In addition to deploying new ICT systems, the university is also taking other measures to strengthen quality of education in the University. The University has joined Consortium of Ethiopian Academic Libraries. The membership will enable the University to have access to thousands of internationally reputable journals. Instructors and students of the University will now have access to thousands of international journals.